Póg Mo Goal Magazine Issue 4

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Póg Mo Goal is a new Irish football magazine focused on considered design and great quality writing from around the world. Featuring 40 pages of excellent feature writing and beautiful photography and illustrations from contributors across the globe.

Issue 4 features photography from Aleksander Jason (Australia), Scott Dukes (USA), Amber Teo (Singapore), Eoin Smith (Ireland) and Willem De Cam (Netherlands). Illustrations from Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo (Chile), El Piscinazo (Spain), JP Peer (USA), Matteo Cuccato (Italy), Ruben Lyon (Germany), Ruckspiel (Austria), Matthew Shipley (USA), Planning Unit (UK), Dink It (UK) and Slavimir Stojanovic (Serbia).

It includes features on Politics and Football by Gavin White, The Origin of Women's Football in Ireland by historian Donal Fallon, The Belgrade Derby by Tom Wood, Celtic's 1996 American Pre-season tour and many more...